About Us

What is the Garage?

This site is made to find and offer practical and original accessories for your car. Here we are not talking about making reprog so that your Clio 2 produces 500 horsepower, nor fitting ailerons for aerodynamics, let alone preparing the body of your 206 to make it a Ferrari F12.

Here you will find simple accessories, easy to install, at a fair price, because you don't have to invest in a € 30,000 car to feel good behind the wheel.

How does the Garage work?

On the site, you will find all the product categories, with clear descriptions, you can't go wrong.

Because we understand that it may not be easy for everyone, Jacky is here to help you by offering clear, colorful installation tutorials to help you understand step by step how to install your various accessories.

Finally, if you are really having difficulty, customer service is there for you 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you. You can contact us by email: contact@legaragedejacky.fr .

Who is the Garage?

A team of cool guys who find handy accessories and gadgets and sell them to you and help you set them up.

Is the Garage secure?

Our site is completely secure, your personal data is kept for commercial purposes only and only the Garage de Jacky team has access to it.

Your transactions are also completely secure.