LED USB cable


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Characteristics :

Do you want an unusual cable to be able to charge your phone? This one is made for you!

This cable is in fact equipped with LED that lights up in a spiral, creating the most original animation for a telephone cable. In addition, LED technology being a very low consumption technology, it will have no impact on the charging speed of your phone.

You no longer need both hands to plug in your phone! With the supplied tip that slips into the socket of your phone, you just have to come and place the cable in front of the socket of your phone so that it comes directly to magnetize and start charging!

In addition, keeping the mouthpiece in your phone will also be able to prevent dust from settling but also extend the life of your charging port by avoiding repeated plugging and unplugging.


What's in the box:

* 1 USB to LED cable of 1 meter

* 1 tip (iPhone, Micro-USB or USB-C of your choice)