Yellow LED wire


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Characteristics :

This luminous wire is also called flexible neon, flexible neon, electroluminescent wire or LED wire. All these names correspond to the same product.

It is used in the PENUMBER and in the BLACK. It is not an illuminating product. It is a product that will be seen perfectly in low light or dark conditions. This is why the light effect will only be visible when you are driving at night.

To operate it needs a power supply, either using AA batteries (not included) that you will put in the box provided, or by cutting the wire before the box and connecting the (+) and the (- ) directly on the electrical circuit of your car.

What are the advantages of this luminous wire?

The electroluminescent light wire is an exceptional product due to its technical characteristics. It broadcasts a constant light, without any loss of luminosity, over its entire length and on 360 degree.

Another very important point, it cuts where you want it with a simple pair of scissors. All the offcuts are reusable regardless of the length. We have set up a tutorial "Cut and connect an LED wire"to show you step by step how to proceed.

The electroluminescent wire does not give off any heat, this is called cold light. There is no risk of heating the support material.

Last but not least, its very low power consumption. Barely 0.5w per meter. What to avoid overloading your battery.

How to install this light wire?

It's very simple, the envelope of the electroluminescent neon is made of plastic. So you just have to glue it with a simple commercial glue. But you can also insert it into a suitable groove like the one on your dashboard or tie it with transparent nylon thread (fishing line type).

For a dashboard outline, we recommend that you take a length of 5 meters.