12V 2-channel bluetooth relay


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Characteristics : 

2-channel Bluetooth 4.0 relay module with a dedicated iOS and Android application.

Relay supporting operating voltages of 5V and 12V.

This relay can be used to remotely control electrical installations, such as on our tutorial to start your car remotely.


  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 BLE SH-HC-08 module
  • Support iOS and Android devices.
  • Bluetooth status indicator (Flash not connected, always on after connection) and relay status indicator.
  • Control distance up to 10m (open space)
  • Module operating voltage (VCC): DC 12V or 5V
  • Maximum DC control voltage: DC 30V
  • Maximum switching control voltage: AC 110V-250V
  • Size: 20mm * 62mm