25W 8RJ anti-ODB error resistors


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Do you want to switch your headlights to LED? You will surely need resistors to avoid any electrical malfunction.

An LED bulb consumes much less than a conventional halogen bulb, so the on-board computer may interpret that your bulbs are out of order and will therefore display an error message. It is also possible that the rhythm of your turn signals is too high.

Thanks to these resistances, easy to install thanks to the connectors supplied, you will be able to solve all the problems related to the installation of LED bulbs in your headlight optics.


Included: 4 Resistors 25W 8RJ + 8 clip connectors
Voltage: DC 12V
Temperature: -40 ° C - 80 ° C
Wattage: 25W 8 Ohm