Reversing radar kit


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Characteristics :

This audible parking aid system with 4 sensors will be as useful in the city as it is at home! When the vehicle is put into reverse, the system activates and analyzes the distance between objects and the car with the help of the distance sensors. Obstacles will be transmitted in the form of sound signals.

  • Option price with a German brand: 420€

  • Option price through Jacky: 24.99€

This device will help you provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians and family members around the moving vehicle. This parking assistance system will make your trips safer.

When the vehicle is put into reverse, with the help of 4 distance sensors, a beep is heard. As the car approaches the detected object or person, the beep sounds a warning until you hear a continuous noise if you get too close. This high precision device will ensure the safety of your family and prevent collisions damaging your car. To install the kit, do not hesitate to use our tutorial.


  • Easy to use installation
  • Audible signals ranging from a few beeps to a continuous noise
  • Detection of small objects

Contents of the kit:

1 x Main system box

1 x Audible buzzer with 2.4m of wires

2 x Power cable

4 x reversing sensor

2 x double-sided stickers

1 x drill bit

1 x instruction manual