Change the appearance of your car key

List of necessary tools:

1. Disassemble your original key

Take your original key and open it. Take out the electronic circuit and the key (metal part).

2. Open the shell of your new key

Repeat step 1 with the new key to have all the parts to assemble in front of you.

clé de voiture ouverte

3. Fits the new case


To adapt the new case, it will be necessary to cut the edges of the case with the Dremel in order to be able to insert the printed circuit.

We will have to go step by step, and do many tests WITHOUT FORCE.

4. Adapts the circuit board


If cutting out the case is not enough, you may have to adapt the electronic circuit. In this case, always with the Dremel, sand or cut ONLY the ends without cutting / sanding on the printed part of the circuit.


5. Insert the key into the new case

In the notch provided for this purpose, insert the original key (metal) in the housing. If it does not fit, you will also adapt the notch so that the key can be inserted. You will then have to hold the key with a small screw, screwing it into the pre-drilled holes.

6. Close the case

If the job was done correctly, the wrench should look like this. You can now close the case and test the operation in your car.

clé de voiture adapté dans un nouveau boîtier vierge

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