Install LEDs under a car

List of necessary tools:

  • 1 Undercar LED Kit
  • Rizlan necklaces
  • 1 open-ended wrench of 8 (depending on the vehicle)
  • 1 cutting pliers
  • 1 tube of superglue (optional)

1. Untangle the threads

Properly separate each wire of each LED strip to start working cleanly.

2. Glue the LED strips

Find a flat place under your car, without relief, and stick the LED strips there by removing the protective films on the 3M adhesives beforehand.

LED sous voiture bas de caisse

3. Hook the wires to the frame

Using the cable ties, hang the wires by finding attachment points under your car. Then cut the excess of the necklaces with your wire cutters.

fil sous voiture collier de serrage

4. Connect the power wire


Pass the power wire through the engine compartment and make it reach the ground under the car. You can now plug it into the small LED control box.

5. Connect the power wire to the battery


Strip your power wire to have enough length of the red and black wires to connect them to the battery. Then strip the red wire and the black wire on 1cm. Unscrew the clamps on the positive and negative terminals of the battery with your open-ended wrench, and pass the red wire and the black wire of the LED power supply between the clamp and the battery terminal.

  • The red thread on the (+)
  • The black wire on the (-)

Then tighten the clamps on the battery terminals and make sure that the LED power wires are well maintained.

6. Check that all the wires are well maintained


Take the time to check your installation. You must not have any hanging wire, wire that is in contact with heating parts (exhaust for example) or moving parts (steering)

8. Connect the LEDs via Bluetooth to the application

Now that everything is plugged in, connect the LEDs via Bluetooth to the LotusLanternX application (available on iOS and Android).

You can now control the LEDs directly on your phone!

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