Start your car using your smartphone

List of necessary tools:

First of all, we would like to remind you that this tutorial is for purely informative and demonstrative purposes of what it is possible to do with a Bluetooth relay. We will absolutely not be responsible in the event of improper installation and / or failure resulting from the latter.

1. How a Bluetooth relay works

As shown in the image below, we will have the power supply on an electronic circuit, either in 5V with a USB cable provided, or in 12V with a (+) and (-) terminal that we will connect to the battery . In this tutorial, we have chosen to show you the 12V power supply. You will then have the Bluetooth 4.0 module which will allow you to pair the relay to the application of your smartphone, and finally the relay which will have 3 terminals: NC (Normally Closed), COM and NO (Normally Opened).

The idea is that the relay, once paired on your smartphone, will allow you to switch either to NC (Off) or to NO (On).

relais bluetooth

2. In practice on the car


You will need to access the neiman thread to complete this tutorial. To find out more, do not hesitate to refer to parts 1 to 3 of the tutorial Start your car with a button.

3. Power connection

We start with food. You will have to connect the wire (+) of your neiman and a wire (-) connected to the mass to your relay.

branchement relais

If the connection is successful, you should have the Bluetooth LED blinking. If this is the case we go to the next step, otherwise check your connections and check that you have pricked yourself on the correct wires.

4. Relay connection

Now you will have to connect the wires from the ignition and the starter to the relay.

To do this you will relay the wire (+), the same as for the relay power supply, on the COM terminals of relay 1 and relay 2.

Next, you will connect the motor contact wire to the NO terminal of relay 1.

Finally, the starter excitation wire will be connected to the NO terminal of relay 2.

branchement relais com no nc

5. Relay pairing


Download the DSD Tech application and pair the relay on the application. You can now turn the relays on or off from your phone.

To switch on the ignition, put relay 1 in the ON position of the application.

To start the engine, put relay 2 in the ON position and switch back to the OFF position as soon as the engine has started, otherwise you risk damaging your starter.

Note: To start the engine after switching on the ignition, cars with an immobilizer need to recognize the key, you can bypass this simply by sticking the transponder of your duplicate key, for example, near the antenna. immobilizer (at the level of the neiman). On the other hand, you will have to unlock the central locking to start. 

There you go, now you know how to start a car simply from your phone!

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    GERARD / Reply

    Bonjour, la liaison bluetooth entre le mobile et le relais est elle protégée par un code (le démarrage par un autre utilisateur “malveillant” muni du logiciel DSD TECH est-il possible).

    Alex / Reply

    Bonjour, quelle est la portée du signal Bluetooth ? Merci.

    Carlo Pilia / Reply

    Cela fonctionne avec des manuels ? Psk si l embreillage n est pas appuyer elle ne démarre pas.

    Sebban / Reply

    Le Bluetooth maintient le contrôle Technique ?

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