Install a reversing radar in your car

List of necessary tools:

  • 1 Reversing radar kit
  • 1 drill
  • 1 Torx screwdriver (depending on vehicle)
  • 1 Electrician's tape
  • 1 soldering iron
  • 1 Tin coil
  • 1 Cutter
  • 1 Voltmeter

1. Drill through the bumper

Arm yourself with your drill and the bit provided in the kit and drill 4 holes at equal distance in your bumper.

trou percé pare-chocs voiture

2. Remove your left rear light

Turn the screw inside your trunk (see photo below) to take out the rear light.

Vis feu arrière Clio 2

3. Pass the sensor wires through the holes

Now that the holes are drilled, you can pass the wires through the holes by bringing them out at the left rear light.

Tip: In this tutorial, the rear bumper is not disassembled. You can drop it to make it easier. If you have trouble passing the wires along the bumper, you can twist a piece of wire at the end of the reversing radar wire and pass it through the bumper using a magnet. telescopic.

 capteur radar de recul dans le trou du pare-chocs

4. Solder the power wire of the box.

To power the reversing radar unit, solder the Red (+) and Black (-) wires of the power supply wire supplied in the kit, respectively on the (+) of the reversing light, and on the wire of the mass (-). In this way, the reversing radar will only come on when reverse gear is engaged.

To know on which wires to solder the power supply, you can arm yourself with your voltmeter and test the wires. The table below shows what is each wire on a Clio 2.

tableau fils feu arrière Clio 2

5. Insulate the wires

With electrician's tape, isolate the welds by surrounding them well.

fils isolés feu arrière clio 2

6. Install the beeper

The beeper is what will produce the beep depending on the distance of the car from the obstacle. It will have to be installed at the front of the car, under the dashboard for example, and pass the wire along the passenger compartment, hiding it under the plastics or under the gaskets. 

8. Connect all the wires to the box

Connect the 4 sensor wires, the power wire and the beeper wire to the box. The locations of each outlet are marked on the housing.

boîtier radar de recul branché

9. Hide the housing and wires

Installs the housing and wires behind the cabin covers. Depending on the vehicle, you will have to dismantle caches.

10. Test the result

If everything has been done correctly, by engaging reverse gear, you should hear a beep which corresponds to the ignition of the radar. The frequency of the beeps should vary depending on the distance from the obstacle.

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    j ai une juke nissan connecta avec un pare choc qui n’est pas en plastique
    est ce que je pourrai percer facilement avec la mèche cloche vendu avec le pack
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